Not everything’s Black & White… but a couple shades of grey.

Race plays a huge a part in our society today bringing a birth of preconceived stereotypes.

White people can’t dance
Black people like chicken
Asians are smart 
And bla bla bla….

But I think race nowadays has become a common subject of jokes leading people to pass straight up racism as merely a joke.

Now I think we all have made a joke about race before. I’m not going to lie I do it! Even about my own race but I know I’m not racist just like most of you guys are not.

I always remember this one guy who used to constantly call people a piece of sh*t and when he said it to a black guy he had to reassure them he’s not being racist. First of all I don’t know whether the fact you’re not being racist makes the fact that you’re calling me a piece of sh*t any better. Also I don’t see this as racist or offensive. I’m pretty sure some people do but I do not. The guy would then say that black people are not ALLOWED to get offended by it. People are offended by all different things and calling someone a piece of sh*t is pretty offensive anyway so if they see it as racist because poo is brown and so are they then I don’t see the problem to be honest.

Moving on… When guys or girls say “I don’t like black guys” or “I don’t like white girls” (relationship wise) and reh teh teh… Sorry but does anyone else find this slightly racist. Like we all have a “type” or “preference” I understand that. And you might prefer white guys over black guys or vice versa. But to say that you just don’t like them means you’re basing your judgement on the colour of their skin and most of you have probably never been with a black guy or white girl or black girl or white guy. If you say you don’t like white guys, then you meet a really nice white guy who really likes you, you’re interested in all the same stuff and you get along really well are you going to turn him down just because of the pigment of his complexion? But having said this I think a lot of it comes down not to people’s own opinions and choices but also down to societies perception on interracial relationships. To be honest I have nothing to say on this. 

At the end if the day we’re all the same colour on the inside and didn’t someone once say “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”?

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