Hello, my name is Byran and welcome to my blog. Out of the millions of web pages out there I am so glad you stopped on mine.

To be honest with you I’m a pretty boring person but I’ll try my best to make this as interesting as possible. So essentially, I guess I’m unemployed. I like to film things and write things which I guess makes sense seeing as I have a BA in Scriptwriting and an MA in Producing Film and TV. Oh, I should probably say I am a graduate of Bournemouth University just in case a fellow alumni is reading.

I spend most of my time writing, this blog being one of the things I write. I started this blog back in 2014 so wow it’s actually bee a while. I still feel as though I am a newbie to this thing but I guess I am veteran. The point of the blog you ask? There isn’t one really. I’m not a Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Movie, Sport, Beauty or Motherhood blogger. Although I may touch on all of these subjects every now and again. The main purpose is to stop me going insane and just write whatever it is that’s on my mind and hopefully it brings some joy to people’s lives.

I also like to create films. I have produced a series of video projects and also run my own YouTube channel which honestly is quite tragic at the moment. If you got a spare moment hop on over and take a look at my content and subscribe if you like. YouTube is just another creative outlet for me and creating videos is what I enjoy and I always say you should do what you enjoy so there you are.

But in a more professional sense I am a seasoned camp counselor having been to the US on 5 separate occasions to work at camp. A lot of my posts will be about camp and you may sometimes see me on the Camp Leaders social channels. I have worked for the worldwide publication Condé Nast, working across brands such as Vogue, GQ and Glamour.

But at the risk of droning on, I just want to say thanks again for being here and if there is anything else you want to know about me I am honestly an open book so just ask!

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