The Problem with Camera Review Channels

Just a few things to remember when you watch the awesome content put out by camera review channels.

Harry’s Dress

As I have already said, I don't really concern myself with the fashion choice of others. It's literally not my business, but the issue with Harry's Vogue cover is that it is an attempt to redefine masculinity. Whether or not you think the idea of masculinity and femininity are social constructs, to simply disregard these notions in this debate is dishonest. And let me make a point by saying that even if something is "socially constructed" it doesn't mean it isn't valid.

Oh Fatima…

But with everything that goes viral these days people are quick to react with their emotions instead of actually sitting back and taking a more holistic view at what is happening. If you're someone who is in the arts, you may not like this blog post so please proceed with caution. But I think it's important for me to not just simply add to the noise that social media is currently generating and instead give you my own genuine take.

Ambition: Why do we care?

This post isn't an argument for ambition being a bad character trait by any means but I actually think a lot of us don't value ambition probably as much as we think we do. Firstly, let's define ambition. From my perspective, I perceive it as someone who is looking to progress in their career and achieve big goals. Actually, it doesn't necessarily have to be career driven but I think ultimately it is about achieving accomplishments that your every day human doesn't.

Dealing with a pandemic in your 20s

Being in your 20s is kind of like setting yourself up for the rest of your life. You're either still figuring things out or maybe you're starting to settle down in a new job or relationship. Of course you could do this earlier or later than your 20s but I think for the most part people are finding themselves in one of these states. And when your life is in a state of flux already, there's nothing worse than something else coming along and further complicating things.

Why are we so invested in the lives of celebrities?

I think with the emergence of social media its so easy for us to have access to these high profile people. I mean, you can literally tweet the President of the United States, how crazy. But why do we care so much about these individuals lives? Why do we idolise them and put up posters of them in our bedroom? Wait, do people still do the poster thing? Maybe not.

The Fallacy of Diversity

But have you ever thought why we automatically see diversity as a good thing. Why are there schemes in place to widen diversity in particular environments. I think when it comes down to it, the intentions are rooted in good intentions. Speaking specifically about the UK, we are a population made up of truly diverse people. One of the reasons why I love living in London is that it is becoming such a multi-cultural city. So when it comes to certain institutions in the country it only make sense that we want it to represent the wider population and ensure that everyone is being given an equal opportunity.

Things not to say to a black man

In a time when there should be a lot of listening happening, it seems as though people just want to talk because they believe they are doing something for the greater good, which is fine. If you witness an injustice then by all means speak out. But only because you perceive yourself to be doing the right thing it doesn't mean that you are. And once you put yourself out there you're going to have people who challenge you.