Why are we so invested in the lives of celebrities?

I think with the emergence of social media its so easy for us to have access to these high profile people. I mean, you can literally tweet the President of the United States, how crazy. But why do we care so much about these individuals lives? Why do we idolise them and put up posters of them in our bedroom? Wait, do people still do the poster thing? Maybe not.

Showing Skin

When you hear the phrase "showing skin" it's usually in relation to someone inappropriately showing too much of their body. And as a society we've become conditioned to know what is socially acceptable to show and what isn't. For the most part we abide by these guidelines but it doesn't mean that people don't often want to push these boundaries. There are some societal norms that make sense, there are others that, not necessarily don't make sense, but it can be questioned as to why it is the way it is.

21 things you wasted your time on in 2016

It's December... and where has the time gone?So December is here and the year is almost coming to an end. And I bet you're wondering where the heck 2016 has gone. I doubt you're the only one. Don't worry, I'm here to shed some light on the situation and make you understand the wibbly wobbly … Continue reading 21 things you wasted your time on in 2016