Putting it into Perspective

Let me preface this whole thing by posing a question to you. Have you ever complained, or got really caught up about something that just seemed silly or unimportant? I believe we call these "First World Problems". For example not being able to decide which of your £100 trainers to wear or whether to put your tomatoes on the side of your plate or throw them straight in the trash. The basis of the "First World Problem" issue isn't actually that these aren't real problems, because they are, but they're not real problems in relation to other things that are happening in the world, often things that are not even happening to us.

What does it mean to be “loyal” in a relationship?

Is being loyal not wanting to get with anyone else or resisting to get with anyone else? I don't actually know where I stand on this but hopefully that becomes more apparent as I write this post. It's a tough cookie to crack because can you only be attracted to one person for the rest … Continue reading What does it mean to be “loyal” in a relationship?