Ambition: Why do we care?

This post isn't an argument for ambition being a bad character trait by any means but I actually think a lot of us don't value ambition probably as much as we think we do. Firstly, let's define ambition. From my perspective, I perceive it as someone who is looking to progress in their career and achieve big goals. Actually, it doesn't necessarily have to be career driven but I think ultimately it is about achieving accomplishments that your every day human doesn't.

Why are we so invested in the lives of celebrities?

I think with the emergence of social media its so easy for us to have access to these high profile people. I mean, you can literally tweet the President of the United States, how crazy. But why do we care so much about these individuals lives? Why do we idolise them and put up posters of them in our bedroom? Wait, do people still do the poster thing? Maybe not.

Should we start using gender neutral language?

So there are now 71 gender options to choose from on Facebook including "2 spirit person" This is something that has come to my attention fairly recently. It all started when I found myself agreeing with something Piers Morgan was saying. I know what you're thinking "Piers Morgan, are you sure?" unfortunately yes, yes I … Continue reading Should we start using gender neutral language?

What does it mean to be “loyal” in a relationship?

Is being loyal not wanting to get with anyone else or resisting to get with anyone else? I don't actually know where I stand on this but hopefully that becomes more apparent as I write this post. It's a tough cookie to crack because can you only be attracted to one person for the rest … Continue reading What does it mean to be “loyal” in a relationship?

Why do you Social Network?

Social networking has become a revelation in recent years with the emergence of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If someone told you they didn't have a Facebook account you'd think they were crazy. Or that they're smart, very very smart actually. Social networking has arguably made us less sociable and for some just hardcore attention seekers.Let's … Continue reading Why do you Social Network?