Ambition: Why do we care?

This post isn't an argument for ambition being a bad character trait by any means but I actually think a lot of us don't value ambition probably as much as we think we do. Firstly, let's define ambition. From my perspective, I perceive it as someone who is looking to progress in their career and achieve big goals. Actually, it doesn't necessarily have to be career driven but I think ultimately it is about achieving accomplishments that your every day human doesn't.

Everything wrong with your friends

Now, there are probably a lot of things wrong with your friends. Maybe they send you memes on Instagram from private accounts that you don't follow or maybe they insist on having ketchup with every meal. Friends come in all shapes and sizes and although we strive to be effective allies to our nearest and dearest we often get it wrong. I don't know if you know this but humans aren't always rational. We do dumb things, we make uninformed decisions and generally just get things wrong. Which is okay for the most part. However in regards to the people we call our friends we expect certain qualities.

21 things you wasted your time on in 2016

It's December... and where has the time gone?So December is here and the year is almost coming to an end. And I bet you're wondering where the heck 2016 has gone. I doubt you're the only one. Don't worry, I'm here to shed some light on the situation and make you understand the wibbly wobbly … Continue reading 21 things you wasted your time on in 2016